After more than 1300 bright idea submissions and 10,000 votes, the winners of the 2012 LAUSD My Bright Idea Challenge are as follows:

Student Winner: Jordyn Sacino, 7th Grade Student, Palms Gifted Magnet

Jordyn’s Bright Idea: District-wide Art Show
Why don't we use art to save art? We can have an art show! With not just visual arts, but performing and music! People can come enjoy the show, and see what talent students from LAUSD will be losing at the same time. This will encourage donations such as money and supplies.

Parent Winner: Amanda Millett, Eagle Rock Elementary School Parent

Amanda’s Bright Idea: Online Kindergarten and New Student Enrollment
This process can be fully or partially completed online and directly entered into an LAUSD data base. Paperwork that needs signatures, or staff review can be printed out ahead of time and submitted, reducing printing costs, paper waste, and staff time.

Employee Winner: Gifty Beets, Project Management Administrator, Office of the Chief Operating Officer

Gifty’s Bright Idea: Annual LAUSD 5K Run/Walk
Create an annual run/walk a thon. 5k run/walk events create an excellent fundraising opportunity for thousands of organizations across the country. The District can bring in a firm that will coordinate the event, at no additional cost to the District. There are thousands of hobbyists who love to do runs/walks and in addition, this is an excellent opportunity to show Southern California that LAUSD is truly into healthy lifestyles

Congratulations to our winners!

Each winner will receive a trophy, District-wide recognition and the opportunity to choose a LAUSD school to receive a monetary award* of $3000 for the purchase of educational equipment and supplies. Most importantly, the District will begin working to implement these bright ideas at LAUSD.

Now that the winners have been determined, what are the next steps?

The District has an established project team that will further assess and conduct research on how and when to best implement the ideas at LAUSD. The project team will develop an implementation plan, and in conjunction with District leadership, manage the launch of the projects. The winners will receive progress reports on how the District is moving forward with their ideas and may even be asked to participate in the planning and implementation process.

How can I learn more about other My Bright Idea Submissions?

You can visit our Honorable Mentions and the Responses to the Most Frequently Submitted Ideas sites to view some of the ideas submitted as part of the challenge and learn more about many ideas submitted.

How can I continue to submit My Bright Ideas?

The District is always looking for ways to reduce costs and create efficiency. You can submit your bright idea to the My Bright Idea mailbox at at any time. If your idea is selected for implementation at the District, you will receive further information.